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    Bioreactors Design

    Design is our difference, we do all the prototype according to your needs. Our products are quality, versatile, easy operation cheaper than the market and high potential scalability

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    Construction of Bioreactors

    We have a highly specialized workshop for production of bioreactors metal frame and glass as your need.

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    Our after sales services include training, through which the parameters that will deliver the best results, optimizing resources and transaction response times of our reactors.

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BioCL | Design and Construction of Bioreactors according to your project

BioCL is a Chilean company located in the city of Viña del Mar, and commits bioreactors mainly to laboratory and pilot scale.

We differentiate ourselves by our products are national, quality, versatile, easy cheaper than the market and high potential scalability operation. After designing our bioreatores are built in our specialist workshop. Once ready, easily install each of its components according to the requirements of the process to be performed on it. Before our bioreactor operation pass the sterilization step and subsequent challenge. Finally for the operation of bioreactor slaved all parts in a space which allows easy monitoring of the process.

BioCL is an innovative and unique company that is a pioneer in designing and building bioreactors in Chile to measure, versatile high quality at a lower cost that would bring them from abroad, although this was the in the domestic market.

BioCL | Company

Commercial offices BiOCl are placed throughout the city of Viña del Mar, Santa Ines industry. Very close to shopping, university and sports centers. El Litre n° 1685 Santa Inés, Viña del Mar, Chile. Fono: + 56-32-2111306

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    2014 BioCL is a company Grupo IDIN KINMED
    Neobiotec Biocl Ambientec IDIN Enercorp KINMED Q&ALAB